The Annual NSAGC Convention rotates through the various districts in the province. Usually a Garden Club or Society assumes the responsibility as Host club for the convention and solicits support from other clubs in that district. The Host club has the sole responsibility of putting on the convention as they see fit, and this includes selecting a Theme for the Convention. The NSAGC requires the Convention Committee to allot time on the program for a one hour NSAGC Annual Meeting and an opportunity at the banquet to present awards. For the Annual Meeting the Convention Committee should make sure there is a podium, working mike and a table for members of the NSAGC Executive. The Board will take care of the Annual Meeting agenda and any paperwork required.

The Convention Committee needs to provide space at the Convention for the Photo Contest (usually wall space or free standing display units), tables for the club scrapbooks, tables for the Outstanding Gardener winners, and space for the Tags and Seals Chairperson to disburse these items.

The NSAGC will provide a $1000.00 loan if required by the host club to cover convention expenses before registration monies become available, this is a loan and must be repaid. The NSAGC does not extend any grants to fund special speakers or other convention expenses.

The NSAGC will offer space to promote the Annual Convention program and registration forms in its newsletter and also on its web site.

There are a number of Convention signs which are handed down from convention to convention, make sure if you are hosting the next convention to pick them up at the end of the day.

Any profit generated by the Annual Convention shall remain with the host committee and any deficit shall also be their responsibility. The hosting committee shall approach the Board in any unforseen circumstances prior to the Convention.

The Convention Committee shall attempt to run the Convention on a break even basis, the registration should reflect actual cost and not be set unduly high in an attempt to make excessive profit.

The Convention Committee shall prepare a report for the next Board of Directors meeting and pass along any suggestions they may have to offer.

(Passed at Board Meeting - Sept/2011)